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When the end of the world arrived, it came not with a bang, as most expected, but with more of a “pfft” instead.

Humanity has been torn asunder and brought to the edge of total annihilation in less than an hour. For those who died, it was a quick death, so fast that their brains didn’t have time to process the pain signals from their nerves. For those who survived, the true horror is about to begin as they struggle to not only stay alive, but come to grips with the shocking realization about what – and who – was responsible.

A disaster in the North Atlantic. A father and daughter caught in the middle. A desperate struggle for survival, where each step may be the last.

In the North Atlantic, a massive fissure in the sea floor has opened up, and an underground reservoir is releasing quadrillions of gallons of water into the oceans.

A dozen Naval ships investigating this strange anomaly are sunk, leaving one scientist and his daughter as the only survivors.

A nationwide terrorist attack. A mysterious stranger. One chance to make it home.

The country in shambles and the country’s transportation capabilities are crippled beyond repair. Frank Richards barely escapes with his life when he watches his truck explode in front of his eyes. As chaos descends across the country, Frank’s home-grown survival and preparedness training and the help of a mysterious stranger he meets are the only things he can rely on to see him safely across the thousand miles separating him and his loved ones.

What connects us will destroy us.

When a devastating attack cripples and destroys every Internet-connected device in the country, Rick Waters is stranded a thousand miles from his wife, Dianne, and their children. To get back home he’ll have to draw on every survival instinct he has as he’s pulled into a web of lies and conspiracy that threaten not just his survival but that of the entire world.

Where will you go when the world falls apart?

It’s a quiet day on his beat when NYPD officer Paul Gault finds himself on the frontline of a new, never-before seen disaster. Bodies drop like flies in the streets as panic descends on the city.

When he meets daycare worker Olivia Foster, the two must battle against not only the disaster but humanity itself to make it out of the city so that they may find some semblance of safety – if it still exists.

As the unlikely duo attempts to flee the chaos and destruction, one man watches the destruction with frustration and regret, knowing all too well that the worst is yet to come….


A revolutionary technology. A sinister foe. A desperate fight for survival.

When a new drilling method enables access to a deep source of renewable energy, all expectations are that Ultilitron will champion a new era in electricity production. When the lights go out and the killing starts, the country’s emotions quickly turn from elation to fear. As a sinister foe emerges from the shadows, the survivors of the initial disaster must band together to survive, lest their lights be snuffed out like the countless others before them….

A new, intensely thrilling and terrifyingly nail-biting series, Last Light is a post-apocalyptic adventure from Justin Bell and Mike Kraus like you’ve never seen before. 

When the end arrives, how far will you go to save the ones you love?

When a terrorist plot results in the detonation of several nuclear devices across the West Coast, the Frasers are thrown into disarray and their strained familial relationships are tested as they watch society collapse around them. Tens of millions of people are killed, injured and driven away from their homes as the result of a sinister plot that the government and its citizens are struggling to understand. With their older daughter lost in the chaos, the Frasers must somehow pull together to support each other and fight to reunite their family.

A desperate deal. A catastrophic disaster. A father who will stop at nothing to return home.

Far from home, a father makes a secret deal with the devil to secure his family’s future.

Alone on their rural homestead, his wife and child continue to eke out a quiet living, quietly counting the days until he returns.

When the mother of all earthquakes rips North and South America apart, the family’s survival skills will be tested more than they ever realize as they fight to survive – and reunite – in the face of overwhelming odds.

This post-apocalyptic thriller will keep you up late at night as you explore a world that’s both eerily familiar and spine-tinglingly realistic.

A bold scientific breakthrough? Or an end to modern society as we know it?

It was supposed to be a ground-breaking demonstration: MELT, a newly created compound, promised to revolutionize waste processing. When things don’t go as planned and the city begins to implode, Bill and Alice Everlee are caught on opposite sides of the divide. Stuck at ground zero as the city begins to sink around her, Alice races to discover what is causing the disaster and how to stop it – if she even can. Meanwhile, having received a frightening message from his wife, Bill hurries to pack everyone up at home before racing to a remote cottage in upstate New York to begin preparing for the coming storm…

When a geo-engineering project goes catastrophically wrong, one man will risk everything to rescue his daughter.

Put in place to try and fix the the melting ice caps, the Exobot project was supposed to be our salvation.

It became our destruction instead.

In the space of a few hours, most of the world’s land masses – including over 95% of the United States – have been covered with water. Billions are dead, governments are in chaos, and the few survivors left are literally treading water, trying to find the few bits of dry land left.

America’s food crops cover nearly a billion acres. In the race to produce as much as we could… something went wrong.

A billion acres of food have been wiped off the map overnight.

A mysterious illness, somehow connected to America’s agriculture collapse, tears through the country – and the world – like a hot knife through butter, killing millions as it spreads.

Pockets of survivors are forced to trek west, seeking shelter and food as they fight against the disease that lives in the air and soil around them.

As death and destruction spread and the country collapses in upon itself, those left behind will be forced to work together to survive, lest they be consumed by the spores.

If your life dissolved in a flash, would you be strong enough to survive?

Half of the earth’s population has been wiped out. Impossible to predict or stop, the Gamma Ray Burst tore through the Earth like a bullet, its radiation wave killing hundreds of millions and the aftereffects ensuring the deaths of billions more.

Now, as the world crumbles around them, a ragtag group of survivors make for the only home they know – the small town of Mercy. Spared the worst of the GRB’s effects, the town is isolated, safe and self-sufficient – for now. The flash hasn’t just decimated the Earth’s population, though. It’s brought out the worst in many of those who are still alive.

An ancient killer. A nation torn apart. One woman will stop at nothing to save her family – or die trying.

An underwater explosion devastates a chain of islands.

A mysterious illness begins to spring up across the world.

Earthquakes shatter the west coast, causing untold damage and loss of life.

To the ordinary observer, these events appear random and coincidental – but for some they’re all pieces of a global puzzle that leads to one conclusion: the end of humanity.

In a desperate race against time, the survivors must not only survive but learn to adapt to an insidious set of foes, each more dangerous than the last.

No food. No shelter. No way out but through.

A calamitous pair of storms.

Two women on the run from their past caught in the whirlwind.

They’ll either stand and fight – or be consumed in the aftermath.

Twin hurricanes obliterate the eastern coast of the United States, bringing with them a blight that devastated America’s breadbasket.

As the nation’s food supply withers on the vine, the population turns upon itself and millions die from starvation, infighting and disease within days of the storms’ passing.

In the midst of the devastation left by the storms, two women in the Gulf Coast must fight against the dangers from their past to survive the aftermath of the storms and find a new order in a broken nation.

An unimaginable disaster. A country torn apart. A man who will stop at nothing to get home to his family.

When a massive landslide in the Canary Islands sets off a mega-tsunami, the east coast of North America is square in its path. On a fishing trip off the coast of Maine, Reese Lavelle barely manages to make it to high ground when the wave hits. His only thought? Getting home to his wife and daughter in South Carolina.

Cami and Amber Lavelle barely escape the wave in Charleston, they retreat inland, watching the city as it’s wiped out by the wave in one fell swoop. As those who survived slowly sink into madness and the country succumbs to chaos, Cami’s goal is simple: survive at any cost.

Spared the fires of a devastating nationwide terrorist attack, one small town fights for survival against overwhelming odds.

When explosions ring out across the country, the town of Hope is mysteriously spared from the apocalyptic disaster. Waking up the morning after, the residents of the town quickly come to realize that they are an oasis in a vast hellscape, with threats looming on all sides.

While some in the town fight for the survival of all, a few have more sinister plans, seeking to exploit Hope’s status for their own benefit. Allies become enemies and the old adage of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” rings true as Hope fights to survive the firestorm.

A devastating attack. A family separated. A desperate struggle to survive.

Jackson Block is trapped far from his family and those he loves when a rogue state unleashes a devastating attack on the United States. To reunite with his loved ones he must fight through streets that have turned into a war zone as survivors and government agents alike threaten not only his existence, but that of the entire nation.

Modern technology designed to heal has been sabotaged, leaving hundreds of millions dead.

For the survivors, each day brings new horrors as the world descends into madness, all while powerful forces seek to take advantage of the turmoil. One man will stand apart in the chaos, seeking to reunite with his family as he becomes embroiled in a desperate attempt to save those few who survived The Long Night.

Trapped by the storm a thousand miles from home, Jake Walton and his family face the ultimate test of survival.

Stuck in Boston at a technology conference with his wife and children at their cabin in Tennessee, Jake Walton becomes trapped as multiple category five hurricanes devastate the east coast. As the situation worsens and an unknown foe begins to target key infrastructure points across the country, he will risk everything to get back to his family. Meanwhile, at their cabin, Sara and their children become ensnared in a dangerous conspiracy as they prepare to fight the elements, pulling them into a web of destruction that threatens the stability of the entire country.

When the sky comes crashing down, one family must risk everything to survive.

An unprecedented terrorist attack rips apart the Gregory family, trapping them on opposite sides of the world. As Marilyn struggles to keep her three children alive and out of harms way, Marcus fights to stay alive in the middle of a war-torn region, all while searching for answer to a global catastrophe that threatens the lives of his family – and the world.