Creating best-selling series since 2017.

Founded in the fall of 2017, Muonic Press had its true start in 2012, when Final Dawn was published. After selling 250,000 copies in a year (and another 250,000 non-fiction books in a 3-month period), the dream of publishing books turned from a fantasy into reality.


Over $5,000,000 in eBook sales, with ongoing month-over-month growth in sales and readers.


We’ve published over 400 books and counting, each one hitting the bestseller charts as it has debuted.


Through eBooks of various forms and paperbacks, we’ve sold over three and a quarter million books.


Through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, we’ve had over half a billion page reads on our books.

Multiple best-sellers.

Muonic Press is all about organic sales. We launch books into the top few hundred on Amazon every time we publish, and our books consistently stay in the top few thousand – no ongoing advertising needed.

Post-apocalyptic is still our bread and butter, but we’re not satisfied with sitting on our laurels. We’re actively publishing in other genres like Space Opera, LitRPG, Thriller, Urban Fantasy and more.

With tens of thousands of devoted readers, we’re continuing to grow and expand to new heights all while ensuring that our readers stay happy.


We are a Genre Leader

Independent analysis firm K-Lytics placed Muonic Press in the top publishers in the post-apocalyptic genre in 2018, and in 2019, 2020 and 2021 we rocked the very top of the post-apocalyptic publisher charts. While K-Lytics may have stopped ranking Post-Apocalyptic publishers, we’ve stayed at the top of the pack by producing quality, consistent stories that our readers love.

Interested in joining us?

Muonic Press isn’t like other publishers (at all).

We demand the highest quality, fast turnarounds and proactive, go-get-’em attitudes. Our authors routinely put out 100k+ words each month without breaking a sweat. In return we help authors earn bucketfuls of money, repeated bestseller status and a fan base of readers that keep coming back.

We pay for everything across the board including covers, editing, advertising and more. We also have a full support team, experts in the genres we work in and a proven platform. Our authors also earn a royalty share that’s extremely high (50% straight off the top) when compared to other independent, medium and traditional publishers.

If you feel like you would be an awesome contributor and would like to collaborate with us, send an email to

Please do not send manuscripts or story ideas. Tell us about yourself, instead. What makes you tick? Why do you love to write? Why do you want to write with us? If we’re interested in talking more, we’ll send you a link to an application you can fill out. If things look good from there, we’ll plan to have a phone conversation where we’ll tell you all about ourselves and ask you more questions about yourself.